• Adding More Depth into Therapy: Dream Analysis

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    Dream Revealing™ Certification for Therapists

    Want to differentiate your therapy by offering a rare healing service?

    The Dream Revealing™ Practitioner certification program helps therapists to go into deeper work with clients by training them in a depth-approach that is a specialty service. This allows therapists to set themselves apart in their field. This program allows therapists to:


    -Offer a one of a kind healing service- you will learn how to make dream work your own according to your therapeutic values and framework

    -Be authentically different as a helping professional and to hone in on that identity and niche 

    -Learn marketing strategies and considerations for integrating dream work into your therapy business

    -Offer a unique service beyond or in addition to standard offerings

    -Provides therapists the license to use the name Dream Revealing™ and offer/market the service as a Dream Revealing™ Session

    Why offer dream work as a therapist?

    The patient sharing their dream with the therapist has been shown to help:

    • Increase the self-awareness of the patient
    • Realize their ability to make self-initiated decisions
    • Diminish feelings of helplessness regarding their current life situation



    Studies suggest that patients experience sessions where dream work occurs to be of higher quality 


    Studies have also suggested working with a patient’s dreams can help with the following:

    -Difficult childhood experiences

    -Relational issues



    -Conflict and Defensiveness

    -Family issues


    -Increasing self-insight

    Do you desire to deepen your healing approach? 

    Dream analysis and interpretation is a transformational healing approach that dates back to 4000BC – and more recently was brought into prominence by Sigmund Freud with his publication: “The Interpretation of Dreams” in 1900. Despite the history of this type of meaningful work, it has often been overlooked in contemporary times by the healing professions.

    For 9 years Rebecca Steele, Registered Social Worker and Depth Therapist practiced intuitive depth therapy and psychotherapy approaches in her private practice. Recognizing the benefit that both her and her clients received from dream work she created the Dream Revealing™ program in order to help others discover what dream work can do for them.

    A life-long seeker, and analyzer of dreams, her training in Depth Therapy approaches as well as several years of regular dream work consultations with psychotherapist author Thomas Moore allowed her to really get a handle on what offering meaningful dream work can look like.

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