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    Consulting Services

    Quick Questions

    Sometimes a full hour of consultation is not necessary and you may just have a “quick question” that you’d like to address. However, answering these questions takes time and consideration

    I do not offer consultation over email

    My Quick Question fee allows for you to get thoughtful answers to your questions in 15 minute segments

    Consultation on Areas of Specialty

    I provide consultation to mental health clinicians or other professionals that find consultation around these areas valuable. Several of the areas I can provide consultation on are the areas of treating anxiety, depression, trauma, and self-esteem. My treatment specialties are depth-therapy, emotion-focused therapy, dream analysis, psychodynamic therapy, hypnotherapy, and Jungian therapeutic approaches

    I also provide business consultation for therapists who are looking support for their private practice.


    Consultation services can happen over video or phone


    Hourly Consultation: $400

    Quick Question Fee: $100 for segments of 15 minutes or less (30 mins is $200; 45 minutes $300 etc.)

    Ongoing Consultation: If you would like to buy a package of four 30 minute consultations, I will offer a discounted rate of $700 in total. Email me for details.

    To book your time, please email me at [email protected] or contact me here